Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quote of the day

"As we live on earth we must walk in faith, nothing doubting. We have much reason to hope. Joy can be ours if we are willing to sacrifice all for the Lord. Then we can look forward to the priceless possibility of overcoming all the challenges of this life. Then we will be with the Savior forever."
 - James E. Faust

   I had a good day today I had a little bit of a break down I'm not going to lie.  My husband and I had friends over for a game night.  We got good news that a couple in our ward is trying to rent out their basement apartment because we need to move long story no need to tell.  I have been really excited about going and seeing the apartment because I would love to be able to live in the same city as my family and friends.  Well we were playing games laughing and carry on and such as friends do.  When we got around to us talking about my husband and I being together for the next 50 years.  I piped in and said that I don't expect anything anymore.  The tears came and I had a good little cry all by myself.  (If you are ever in a crowded room and if  it is to noisy just start crying it makes people shut up in a heartbeat)  I didn't stay as strong as I normally do in front of my friends.  I am human and I know that the Lord is with us and watches over us.  I know that my friends love us and they care about us.  They were not also planning for me to break down and cry so to all my friends who are reading my blog.  Thank you for letting me show you that I'm still a human being and have weaknesses and that the Lord does bless my life and gives me the comfort and strength to remember that our little angel is up with Him and cheering us on to the finish line.  Thank you for the little reminder you are the best friends that anyone can have even if I have to put on a little embarrassing display of crying.  (sorry that I had to blog about what happened but it is the little moments like these that I want to remember it is also how I deal with mourning is by writing and that is why I wrote my daughter a letter)

So for the quote of the day I"m going to strive to walk in Faith live with seeing Joy in daily situations.  Hopefully overcome the challenge of loosing my daughter so that I will be able to live with the Savior and my husband, and all my kids forever.

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  1. I love you so much! Don't even worry about it! It was seriously one of the funnest nights ever, even if you cried. It reminded all of us that we need to be more sensitive to your mourning. No need to apologize.