Monday, January 17, 2011

I wrote my daughter a letter

I wrote my daughter a letter.  I wrote my daughter a letter about all of the hopes and dreams we had for her.  I wrote to her about her family.  I wrote about how her mommy and daddy had fallen in love.  I wrote to her about her aunts and uncles and cousins.  I wrote about how much we loved her and all the special times we had together during the 9 months.  I wrote to her about the hard time also.  I told her about how it was to deliver her.  I wrote to her telling her that she needed to hold my hand and help me through the next couple of days.  This letter is a special letter for me, my husband and my family.  I told her the little jokes that we had with her in the hospital.  I told the story of her life what she loved to have me eat.  My little girl loved sugar I would walk down the candy aisle and pick out all the fruity candy and jolly ranchers.  How she loved the fruity candy and hated chocolate it would always give me heartburn when I ate it.  I told her about the love of watermelon with salt on it so it would bring out more flavor I ate so much watermelon with her.  We had a love affair with sugar and loved it so much.  My daughter is now known as my "sweet" angel.

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