Friday, January 14, 2011

I would almost be asleep.

I would almost be asleep.  It is now time for me to tell you the affects drugs have on me.  While my husband was on his LDS mission I waited for him. I had a root canal on the tooth right next to my front teeth the dentist gave me Lora tab or however you spell it.  I would only take a half on one and it would have me knocked out until the next day when I would take one.  I would take it at bedtime so I could sleep through out the night.  It helped me all the next day.  Co-workers told me never to get on drugs because they could tell. Your thinking that is just Lora tab that affects everyone.  I’m the girl who takes a Tylenol and it knocks me out.  Let’s not talk about ibuprofen that is worse. Well back on to the story.

The morphine only affected me in between contractions I would get rest and I would almost be asleep.  Than a contraction would happen. And we would go through the whole ordeal again my husband begging me to breathe.  During this time of not having the epidural and just morphine.  I was so ANGRY with our Heavenly Father I couldn’t’ believe He was doing this to me.  He let me carry her for the 9 months and than did this to me.  I was hurt I wanted to yell and scream but I couldn’t because I was in so much pain.  I finally got the epidural.  Life was starting to go a little better.  Because of how drugs affect me I had one contraction when the epidural was given and than I didn’t feel any pain.  They were shocked that it worked this fast.  So while I got my epidural they started the hormone that induces labor I was already at a 5 (the number again) by the time I got the epidural.  It just turned into a waiting game of when I would have to deliver.  During that time I was comforted by our Savior.  He reminded me of His promise.  He told me that she would be my daughter for all eternity and that I would get to spend time with her if I stayed strong.  He reminded me that He had felt my pain when He was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Right than our Heavenly Father was forgiven I wasn’t angry anymore.  I stayed strong and at 12:49am on August 23, 2010 My little girl was born.

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