Our Story

Let me tell you are story.  We were married in the LDS Mount Timpanogas Temple on May 22 of 2008.  After our first year of marriage we decided we should start our own little family.  So we started trying for a baby.  In July of 2009 we found out that we were pregnant we were so excited.  Than a week later our dreams of our baby died I went through a miscarriage.  We named our little baby and mourned over the loss of our baby.  A couple of months went by and one night I was crying to my husband I want a baby I want to be a mommy.  He said one day you will be and you are a mommy.  But I just cried because I wanted a baby.  So my husband said the next day maybe we should try again.  I was thrilled we get to try for another little spirit to come join our family.  Well it worked we found out in January that I was pregnant and the due date was going to be August 31, 2010.  I didn’t have a great start worrying about a miscarriage while my head was hanging over the toilet because of my morning sickness.  Everyone told me every time you throw up it just means the baby is healthy.  I didn’t complain about throwing up because I was so blessed to be pregnant again.  So then we got to the 2nd trimester no more worrying about miscarriages.  Pregnancy was a rough on me I got dehydrated twice and had to go to the hospital to get liquids pumped in me.  I couldn’t even keep water down.  I moved on over my morning sickness because my insurance decided finally that they would cover this pill that I needed.  I had lost 20 pounds by the time I got on the pill.  Not good for pregnancy.  So the 2nd trimester was nicer to me I wasn’t sleeping all the time.  The 3rd trimester was back to pretty much the 1st trimester again.  I started worrying a lot more about my baby.  I work with the mentally handicapped and I was just worried that something may happen where they would kick me in the belly and I would loose my baby.  They started to target me when they had behaviors.  Maybe because I was the one who shouldn’t be able to run away but I could.  Well I got over my panic attacks and knew nothing was going to be happening to my baby once I got off on FMLA.  Two days later my life changed.  I went into labor which was fine it was August 22 and I was told by my doctor that the baby would be here before the next appointment.  So we went to the hospital was in the room waiting to get checked in when that is when we learned the news.  I was going to deliver a Still born.  This is my story.

why my daughter was a still born

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The beginning of Our Story

(I have been thinking that I should share the love story of hubby and I)

August 15,2005

   So I met someone last week and he is gorgeous.  He has beautiful blue eyes and nice red hair.   ...

This is the beginning of our whirlwind romance we met at work.  I trained him at the job the first day he worked there.  I was so nervous that day because my friend had set me up on a blind date because she really didn't know the guy she was going on a date with and wanted a friend there just to be a backup.  I had a trust issue with boys in high school so I only went on one date in high school.  I was just telling B that I was so nervous and I really didn't know if I should go.  B piped in and said he would go.  I thought he was joking this guy had just barely met me and he said that he would go with.  I thought nothing of it.  Than after work when I went to meet up with my blind date I saw my date and he was much older than me I was only 18 and he only had one tooth and looked like a hill billy.  That is when I started scanning the parking lot hoping that this B guy was for real and he was going to be there.  As I was walking to meet up with my friend and the men I saw B get out of his vehicle.  I was so happy to see him.  I did a mean thing but I was to young for my date.  I ignored the whole entire group besides B.  B had captured my attention and I was getting twitter-patted with him.  I went home that night in a daze I really had liked B but I didn't really know how to act all girlie to keep a boy liking me.  I had apparently made quite the impression on B because the next night we went to a store after work and talked to each other until 2am.  Quickly we fell head over heels in love.  A few short months later B had received his LDS mission call.  I got a promise ring before he got his mission call.  But instead of the promise to wait for him.  When he gave me the ring this is what he promised me.