Monday, January 17, 2011

Go Me!!

 I thought about it and I typed in LDS stillbirth blogs... guess what I found a blog that is dedicated to mormon mommies.  Yeah I'm that smart well anyways they cover a lot of topics so go check them out the blog button is on my page.  Anyways after looking at this blog in a deeper chance I saw they don't have any blogs about LDS mommies with stillbirth babies.  This had sadden me but also lets me know that this blog seems to be more needed in hopes that it will help someone.  For one of my best friends J it gives some blogs about infertility and they are LDS mommies.  Well anyways they did do a little post on miscarriages and I found it a nice read so you can go check out the article at this blog.

My views on Heavenly Father is that He wouldn't want His children to hurt so why would He send me a precious baby and not let me be the mommy miscarriage or stillbirth baby.

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