Tuesday, January 18, 2011

preparing for our daughters funeral

The two days that were leading up to my daughters funeral.  Were hard I cannot lie I was doing everything that I never wanted to do in my life.  I never wanted to pick out a casket for my daughter.  So I picked out a bed for her just to rest in until we could meet again.  After picking out her bed.  My mom took me shopping for the dress to wear for my daughters viewing/graveside.  My mom and I went and picked up my husband we spared him from the shopping trip.  After picking him up we went back to the mortuary and dressed our daughter for the last time.  We rubbed Burts Bee lotion on to her so that she could be our little Burt Bees baby.  I explained to her everything that I put on her so that she would know that the dress came from her grandparents.  I explained to her about the bracelets that we both received from the grandparents.  I explained to her how this would be our connection.  We buried her on a warm August day.

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