Saturday, January 22, 2011

I saw teardrops

 Daddy and I were talking to Uncle C about calling the mortuary so that they could come and get you.  When I looked down at you there was a little teardrop coming out of your eye.  I foolishly wiped it away because I thought it was one of mine.  But than after wiping it away I saw another one come.  I knew that you were not ready to leave your mommy and daddy.  I told daddy you weren't ready to leave yet.  Than later on that evening when Aunt D came by to drop off the dinner she made for us.  I was holding you in my arms and when D was laughing and talking to us.  I got a whisper of saying YOU CAN DO THIS YOU CAN LET ME GO NOW AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY MOMMY.  So when D left I told daddy we can do this.  We told the nurse and the nurse called and found out that they were having problems with not having space so they said they were going to keep you in the hospital.  That is why I got to write a letter to you at the hospital because you were in my arms that morning and I just started writing everything I wanted you to know about your family.  I will never forget writing our letter.  There was laughter in the letter and than there was the heartbreak of the story (that I just told everyone excluding the viewing/graveside) but you came and held me and said mommy I love you so much and I will always be here.  I feel so much love from you and you know that I love you so much. 

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