Monday, April 16, 2012


My little Angel L is missed more than ever lately I look at her baby sister and I see the same nose and cheeks.  I do wonder why I couldn't have the chance to watch my little angel L grow up.  I have told little miss Z (baby sister) about her older sister but I think that little miss Z is telling me a lot more about her sister.  My friend told me that her little cousin said when babies are talking they are telling us about heaven.  I believe it I think miss Z is telling me all about her big sister.  It was fun to see little miss Z get up to 6 pounds 6 ounces and see how truly much they look like sisters.

I love my little angel L and I do miss her when I'm reading GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU to her little sister I cry every time I get to the last page.  My heart hurts every time because I wish I could be reading it to a little walking baby and to little miss Z.  I know that I am though because I know our angel is watching out for her little sister and for her family.