Thursday, March 10, 2011

Working Nights and Weekends

I have a really funny weekend it is not Saturday or Sunday.  My weekend is Tuesday and Wednesday with all day Thursday that is right almost 3 days.  I go back to work Thursday nights and stay up all night.  Actually to get this three day weekend I would have to come home Tuesday morning take a two hour nap stay up the rest of the day sleep Tuesday Night have all day Wednesday and repeat but on Thursday night go into work which means almost 24 hours of no sleep and add that up to the other 24 hours you would have if you didn't any sleep on Tuesday.  Weekends can be exhausting.  I chose to keep my weekend the normal weekend Friday Saturday kind of.  I go home sleep in the morning on Saturdays so that I can spend the afternoon doing family/friend things.  Sunday we sleep for 2 hours wake up than go to church and than sleep in the afternoon.  I make my Sunday meals in the crock pot so that when we wake up we keep to our eating habits.  We try to eat around 5 every night and than have another small meal before going into work and than at 2am is when I have my last meal of the day.  I don't know when hubby has his last meal but I think it is probably around the same time.  For my Tuesday/ Wednesday days off this is when I soak in the hours of sleep.  I only take a 3 hour nap on Tuesday so when nighttime comes around I will be tired and sleep all night.  Some days it works other days not so much.

   My normal weekend was a great weekend.  I got to lounge around the house, cook, clean which only takes 5 minutes.  I got to hangout with my family, my hubby he let me watch a chick flick with him.  My hubby is all about sports.  It was really nice to be able to watch a chick flick that I have been wanting to see.  The things which I have booked for Saturday and Sunday.  Well I don't have to go stand in line for a basketball game so that is nice.  I can now go do some other things.  Like go take baby bump pictures of my friend who lives up in Idaho and is coming down to Utah for the weekend.  I'm so excited to see her I haven't seen her since she found out that she was pregnant.  A very cute story by the way.  My aunt and uncle just moved into a new house so this weekend they are having a open house excited for that I get to see more of my family yay!  That is always a good thing family is what gives us strength.  Sunday we will be going to church and sleeping in the afternoon.  My weekends are relaxing to busy but I sure do have fun.

Today I'm grateful for having a job and working the same shift as my hubby and for weekends both of them!!!

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