Sunday, March 6, 2011

MUSIC and the wonderments of TECHNOLOGY

I would have to say today was filled with music.  Music was in my ears before I fell asleep.  I also had a nice little waking up to listening to the landlords play the piano that is right above our bedroom.  At work last night and as I walked in this is what the other shift were watching KUED they had the little pledge and they were showing Les Misérables all weekend.  I quickly grabbed my smart phone so that I could set my DVR to record it I couldn't set the DVR because I was at work.  Of course the one reason I have my app on my phone to record a show I don't want to miss and it doesn't want to work.  I called my hubby and he used his app and had it set to record.  Saving me some gas so that I didn't have to run home and hit the record button.  I love how we have come to trust in technology we do a couple of things and than we know that it will work.  Like right now I know if I walk away from my computer blogger is going to automatically save what I'm working on.  I would have to say this is pretty amazing that I can be at work and want to record a program so that hubby and I can watch it together later.

Back to my gratitude for music... I have a love affair with music.  I have music on right now.  I don't think I have ever gone a day without listening to music.  I love how music is all so different.  I have my music for almost everything I do.  I have music that I love listening to in the car.  I have music that I love having on as background music in the kitchen when cooking.  I have music to when I blog and when I'm on the internet.  I have music that I listen to at work so that I always have something keeping me awake.  I love the MOTAB and my favorite is when my aunts from England come to Utah we go up to Salt Lake every Sunday to hear the MOTAB's Music and the Spoken Word.  Tonight hubby and I watched Les Misérables and we loved just listening to the music and have a nice relaxing evening before going to work.

I'm grateful for MUSIC and the wonderments of TECHNOLOGY today.

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