Monday, March 14, 2011


  When you were little and you got hurt where was the one place you would run to for comfort???  I would run to my mom she knew how to comfort me and make me feel better.  Even if it was just a kiss for my boo boo.  I didn't grow out of it.  When I had my miscarriage my mom was there by my side holding me.  When I learned of my daughter.  I opened my arms and my mama came to hold me and comfort me.  Today when I was feeling sad I got to be held in my moms arms as I just cried and told her my fears.  My moms arms are just not for comfort either.  This is where all the hugs come from when we see each other.  One day I will be that mom that when my little girl or boy needs that comfort they can come to me and get those hugs that a mom gives.

  I'm grateful for my moms arms today.  I got to go and be held by my mom today and get to tell her my grief I have been feeling and be able to cry.  I got the comfort from her like when I was a little girl.

  My dad hands out the best hugs.  I get a hug from my dad when I see him and when I leave to go home.  My dads hugs are the ones that you know he loves you so much.  He tells you by squeezing you tight and whispering a I LOVE YOU in your ear.  Those are the hugs that give you the strength to carry on in life.

  I'm also grateful for my dads arms today.  I love knowing that whenever I see my dad there is a hug always to be had.  

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