Friday, February 4, 2011

Why was my daughter was a STILL BORN???

    I got a question asked to me today and the person asked me how come my daughter was a STILL BORN?

   That was a very good question I never really explained why my daughter was a STILL BORN.  I opted out for the autopsy of our daughter and so did my husband.  We however did ask that they ran tests on the placenta they did.  This is the answer I received It was a FREAK ACCIDENT this only happens very seldom.  My daughter didn't have a knot in the umbilical cord.  The doctors only answer was she must of laid on her umbilical cord cutting off everything she needed to survive.  The placenta was extremely healthy.
(I never took a prenatal vitamin because I would throw it back up)

  This is my side of the story...  The last time I felt my daughter move was on Saturday night I watched her as she kicked down her 6 week old cousin on to my legs so she wouldn't be near my belly when I was sitting down with her.  I think my daughter was jealous of my niece because whenever I would hold my niece there would be a kicking storm happening.  Saturday night I went to bed everything was fine I woke up at 1:00 in the morning thinking something was wrong but I blew it off because I just felt a contraction actually happening.  Is that the time when I lost my little girl no one truly knows.  Did a mother intuition kick in like I knew something had happened to my baby no not really.  I do wonder what if... a lot.  Especially since I wonder what the hospital would have done if I showed up and I wasn't really in Labor and all I could tell them is something isn't right would they have just sent me home saying strange pregnant lady she isn't even in active labor yet.

  My sister has an interesting story about my niece I hope she doesn't my mind me sharing.  When we called her to tell her what had happened.  My niece struck a fever a pretty high fever like she needed to go to the hospital fever.  The fever didn't break until my little girl was born.

   My brothers girlfriend the one that also lost her son told me her story of that night today.  I hope she doesn't mind me sharing either.  This is hard for both of us because we are both mommies that have lost their little babies way to soon.  She told me that when they heard the news she started cramping and spotting she was still in the first trimester at that time.  They went to the doctor right after seeing and meeting our little girl.  The doctor said it is most likely that she was going to miscarry.  She stopped cramping and spotting it would happen every once in awhile and than it would just stop.  When they went to another doctors appointment they were told that the placenta wasn't fully attached.  A couple of weeks later her water broke.  We were all in fear of having another still born baby.  But by a little miracle there was enough amniotic fluid around the babies head enough to keep the baby alive.  So she went on to bed rest.  A couple weeks later she went into labor and delivered our nephew who proved to us that baby books are not always right with how big the baby is suppose to be every week.  My nephew was 12 inches long when he should of only have been about 8 inches long also he was a pound and seven ounces.  My little girl was there in the room to greet him.

    My little girl had such a bigger purpose for us than we will ever know.  My little girl is an Angel not just only to me and her daddy.  I know my little girl was there for her cousin that night.  I know my little girl was there for her cousin letting him come and let us meet him.  and now my little girl is with my mom her grandma everyday letting us have a miracle with getting time to spend with my mom.  Not only that but every person that met my daughter family, friends, nurses and whoever said wow she is so beautiful and I'm so glad that I get to hold this little angel in my arms.

This is our BEAUTIFUL daughter!!!


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I don't think anyone understands what it is actually like until they go through it. I lost a child at the beginning of my second trimester (before getting pregnant again and having my newborn daughter). It was really hard. I thought no one else goes through this, why me? But then people started telling me their experiences. I had no idea that so many people I know have gone through so much. No one shares until you're there too. But everything happens for a reason. Your daughter is beautiful! She always will be!