Wednesday, February 23, 2011

He promised me

He promised me that this ring is just because he wants to see me happy.  Over the next 3 months before B left on his LDS mission I would ask him all sorts of questions about the ring why he loved me and such...

Questions about the ring... 
J: What if I find another guy and he makes me happy and decide to get married would it break your heart?
B: No, not if you are happy, that is all I want for you is to be happy and if your happy with this "other" guy than I would be happy for you.

J: What does this ring really mean?
B: Just what I told you when I gave it to you I want you to be happy...  So if you do find someone else you want to marry and he makes you happy than I will be happy for you.  J this is a ring that I'm giving to you so that you remember to be happy.
J: So not a promise ring for marriage???
B: If we happen to get married than we will.

Question about his love for me:
 J: Why do you love me?
B: It's something that I can't express in words... it's the overwhelming sense of comfort and peace when I'm with you and my stomach turns every time I see your beauty...
J: I love you so much I hope that we will get married.

Those are just some of the things I would ask him and than write down I was girl who was going to be saying goodbye to her boyfriend for two years I needed to know his love for me that way if I did wait for him I had a reason to tell everyone why I was waiting.

B had left to go on his mission so began the longest two years of my life... my mom says that it had flown by.  I don't believe her.  I started a new job right before B left.  Half of my friends wouldn't talk to me once B left.  I felt like I had to start all over again with life.  I met one of my many best friends and she was the friend that just got to hear some stories but hanging out with her my life didn't revolve around missing B as much.  I moved back in with my parents I had a good two years.  I didn't date anyone... I stayed faithful I was so in love with B we dated for 7 months before his mission but I was head over heels in love with him.

B came back from his mission and the first night back he had given me a soft little kiss.  I was shocked.  My friends and I were making guesses to how long it would be until he would kiss me and be comfortable around me again a girl.  My guess was three weeks.  Well it only took three weeks back after his mission to ask my dad and mom for permission to marry their youngest daughter me.  I guessed how long it would be until we started talking about marriage not how long it would be until he kissed me.  B proposed to me with a ring pop because the ring that he got me he couldn't hide it in his cute little treat basket.  Ring pops have become on of our little favorite treats to get for each other we don't get them that much either so they still have their special magic in them.  We got married in May 2008 and we are still so much in love since those August nights in 2005.

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