Friday, February 25, 2011

something new

I don't know what to call this blog yet??? So I'm just going to begin typing and see where my fingers take me.  I'm feeling inspired a month over due... ha ha.  I really wanted to do this last month but life happens and so with life I couldn't really hang out on my blog for the time to get one typed in... 
    So my inspiration comes from a fellow blogger A Spoonful Of Sugar this fellow blogger the month of January did a post a day about what she was grateful for.  I loved going and checking her blog everyday to see what she was grateful for.  It helped me see that I have so much to grateful for also.  I'm going to make the month of March my gratitude month.  Everyday I'm going to post about something I'm grateful for that day.  I hope that this fellow blogger doesn't mind that I'm taking her idea. 

    I just have to say this is the time of the month that I become a little reclusive to my hubby and my family and friends...  I even become a little bit of a brat.  I don't mean to.  I go into my little hole because this is the hardest week of a month.  This is the time that I think my little girl would be so old.  But instead this is the time that I come down on myself and wish that I had my little baby with me and life is totally unfair.  So if I have hurt anyone's feelings this last week or offended anyone it is because I'm just in pain and mourning for the loss of my little angel.  I know that it has been a couple of months now and I should be doing better.  I am I promise you that I am.  It is just that I see so many things about babies everywhere and I just wish that my little girl was here so that I could make a cute blog about my baby and not have to write my tale of mourning.  I feel like some people have just forgotten that I have gone through a major loss in my life and that I should be moved on and not care that a mommy of 23 had to put her little girl to rest in a cemetery and not bring her home to be with her...

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  1. We haven't forgotten what you've gone through. We can't even begin to understand the pain that the loss of a child brings. I'm thinking of you and I love you.