Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The beginning of Our Story

(I have been thinking that I should share the love story of hubby and I)

August 15,2005

   So I met someone last week and he is gorgeous.  He has beautiful blue eyes and nice red hair.   ...

This is the beginning of our whirlwind romance we met at work.  I trained him at the job the first day he worked there.  I was so nervous that day because my friend had set me up on a blind date because she really didn't know the guy she was going on a date with and wanted a friend there just to be a backup.  I had a trust issue with boys in high school so I only went on one date in high school.  I was just telling B that I was so nervous and I really didn't know if I should go.  B piped in and said he would go.  I thought he was joking this guy had just barely met me and he said that he would go with.  I thought nothing of it.  Than after work when I went to meet up with my blind date I saw my date and he was much older than me I was only 18 and he only had one tooth and looked like a hill billy.  That is when I started scanning the parking lot hoping that this B guy was for real and he was going to be there.  As I was walking to meet up with my friend and the men I saw B get out of his vehicle.  I was so happy to see him.  I did a mean thing but I was to young for my date.  I ignored the whole entire group besides B.  B had captured my attention and I was getting twitter-patted with him.  I went home that night in a daze I really had liked B but I didn't really know how to act all girlie to keep a boy liking me.  I had apparently made quite the impression on B because the next night we went to a store after work and talked to each other until 2am.  Quickly we fell head over heels in love.  A few short months later B had received his LDS mission call.  I got a promise ring before he got his mission call.  But instead of the promise to wait for him.  When he gave me the ring this is what he promised me.

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