Friday, June 3, 2011

life and goals

I want to set some goals for me.  I have been sleeping a lot lately.  I'm not liking how much I sleep.  It is making it so that I don't have enough time to clean, go see my family, and friends.  It could be because I have been missing my baby a lot more usually.  I also think that I'm stressed one night each week I dread going into work.  I have been clenching my teeth I have never clenched my teeth.  I find myself having to open my mouth so that it can relax and not clench.  My jaw is currently hurting because I found myself clenching my teeth 5 minutes ago.  I don't know if it is stress/depression that is getting to me.  So I find myself wanting to have some goals in motion.

  • to stop drinking caffeine. drink more water.
  • to start going walking in the mornings after work.
  • to start looking for the positives in work.
  • to do a half an hour of cleaning each day.
I'm just going to do some simple feel good goals for right now.

Maybe doing small things will help with my sleeping problem and also my teeth clenching.  Who knows  I guess I will see changes soon hopefully.

On a happy note one of my best friends had her baby.  The friend who I threw the baby shower for had her baby so I will be taking a trip up to see her and her baby next week.  I'm excited/scared.  Excited to see my friend.  Scared because this is the longest trip I will have ever taken by myself.


  1. Good luck on your trip! I always have found traveling on my own to be a great adventure! Just don't forget your cell phone! :)

  2. Those sound like some great goals! I always think it's better to make those positive, smaller goals--and you have some good ones.

    Oh, and have a great trip!