Monday, May 30, 2011

counting blessings

I haven't been blogging much and I'm sorry for that I have been working on a project instead and I'm happy to say it is finally complete.  Have you heard of shutterfly it is a website where you can make books, cards, get prints and more.  Well my hubs computer died in February the week we were moving perfect timing and he needed one for school.  We went to get him a new computer and with the new computer shutterfly for a promo added to his computer package to get a free 8x8 book.  That was in February I know and it is now the end of May.  For the free book I have been making a scrapbook for our daughter.  It has been one BIG project and I'm so happy that I got it complete.  The one downside to this website is the text box.   You can't hit copy and paste.  I wrote my daughter a letter while I was in the hospital with her and I wanted to add it I already had it typed up it was 6 pages single space and I couldn't copy and paste.  I also had to go through and shorten some of the letter.  I have been working on typing that up and than going through it over and over to make sure there were no little mistakes.
  Along with that project I planned one of my best friends baby shower.  It was fun to give my friend that shower and to see the happiness on her face.  It was lots of fun.  This month has been full of the ups and full of the downs.  The Saturday before Mothers day a local venue let the families that have angel babies come and walk around the gardens.  I went with my mom, sister and her baby.  It was a nice day and it was fun to be out with them.  I work midnights so that night is when it really really hit me.  I missed my little girl more than anything.  All I could think about is how big she would be, if she would love to cuddle and give kisses.  My hubby also was missing her so we both had a cry that morning for our daughter.  It was a hard holiday to go through.  We went and saw our moms and gave them flowers.  My hubby gave me a necklace with the birthstone of our daughters birth month.
  Memorial day is today and lets just say Mothers day feelings are coming back.  Memorial day has always been a go put some flowers on Grandpa's grave than get together with families.  This year we have flowers to buy for 3 graves and my heart is hurting.  I never thought I would have to go put flowers on a grave for my daughter.  I never thought I would have to get flowers for a nephew who is up in heaven with my daughter.  My heart is aching today.

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