Saturday, January 7, 2012

little angels

Thinking of all the little angels that are in heaven and watching over their loved ones.

I miss my little angel within the last two weeks I have been in the room where we heard the news that she was going to be a still born.  I have been in the room where I delivered my little angel.  I have done very well with just being able to say it is just a room and I shouldn't fear a room because of the memories that I have.  But being in the room where I delivered my little girl was me being on the other side of the situation.  I was able to be there and support a friend.  I was also there with my older sister.  I remember my sister coming up to me when I was in the bed and taking care of her little sister.  I remember her pulling my hair back while I was in labor because my hair was in my face and putting it in a ponytail.  I was once again amazed as I watched my sister be there and just share her love with others.

 I know that little angels are watching us from heaven... but I know there are angels here on earth.


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